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Forfeiture of benefits

You may have part of your benefits withheld either permanently or temporarily by the Police Pension Authority if you are convicted of:

  • one or more offences under the Official Secrets Acts for which you have been sentenced on the same occasion to at least 10 years’ imprisonment or two or more consecutive terms of imprisonment which add up to at least 10 years
  • an offence committed in connection with your service as a member of a police force which is certified by the Home Secretary either to have been gravely injurious to the interests of the State or to be liable to lead to a serious loss of confidence in the police force (for example, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice)

A Police Pension Authority may review a decision on forfeiture and restore some of the entire benefits to the pensioner or someone receiving a benefit in respect of the pensioner.

No assignment of benefits

You are not allowed to assign any of your benefits. This means you cannot give anyone else the right to your entitlements under the 2015 Scheme.

Loss of benefits

If you become bankrupt, the payment of your pension will be subject to the Bankruptcy Acts.

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