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Can I choose to join the LGPS?

You can choose to join the LGPS at any time, whether you are an eligible jobholder or not. To be able to join the LGPS you need to be under age 75 and work for an employer that offers membership of the scheme.

You can find out more on our automatic enrolment page.

Transferring in

As a new member, or even if you are just moving between employers within the scheme, we need to know about any previous pensions you have had.

Once your employer has told us you have started working for them, we will send you a New Starter Pack which will include a form to confirm any other pensions you have and whether you would like to transfer them to the LGPS. Its best to fill in this form and send it back to us as soon as possible because you only have 12 months to transfer your previous pension rights, unless your employer and Peninsula Pensions allows you longer.

Please visit the Transferring in a previous pension pages on the LGPS website to for more details or get in touch with peninsula Pensions.

Transferring out

You cannot transfer out benefits while you are an active member of the LGPS, so if you are still paying in you will need to opt out of the scheme first.

You will then need to find a suitable arrangement to transfer your benefits to. Please ask your new provider to contact us for a transfer value and the appropriate forms.

If your transfer value is £30,000 or more, you must take independent financial advice before we are able to transfer out your benefits. You should also note that a request to transfer out must be made at least a year before your normal pension age (which is 65) or a year before your state pension age, which ever is sooner.

To understand the process of transferring out of the LGPS and the steps you must take, please visit the LGPS website.

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